For All Zulus leaders start planing the 50 UZN Anniversary for Year 2023 and 50 Anniversary of Hip Hop Culture for 2024 in all respected  countries,cities,towns all over the world 🌎. Start Now early not waiting for those years to start planing. Be ahead of it All. . There is confusion in Hip Hop world 🌎 for thinking 🤔 the 50 Anniversary is in 2023 and those are the followers of Kool Herc but as the group who called it Hip Hop and said it is a Culture is of Afrika Bambaataa and UZN .No one called it a Culture but UZN and the only ones who gave Hip Hop Anniversaries since the beginning always was the Universal Zulu Nation since the beginning. So we need you to plan both 50th UZN Anniversary for 2023 and 49th Hip Hop Anniversary for 2023 and 2024 is 51 Years Anniversary for UZN and 2024 is the Factual Anniversary of Hip Hop Culture. Stop following social Media And follow your Nation timeline.

The Theme of for 50 UZN Anniversary In “Unity We Are A Force”
50 Hip Hop Anniversary The Them is “Hip Hop Culture Unites The World  🌎 “

Start Organizing your UZN Anniversary Staff now to make All Anniversaries World Wide a Big Success..
Communication is a Must and Spirituality We can Conquer All.

Come in Peace ☮️ or Leave in Pieces
The Supreme Force is With Us